All About Lift Kits and Lift Kit Suspension (PART 1)
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Trucks with suspension lift kits with huge set of tires are a definite attention grabber anywhere. But before you go to the nearest heavy duty truck accessory shop to get your truck looking the same, it is best to ask yourself first why should your truck have it the first place. There are a lot of reasons why some put suspension lift kits to their vehicles, and there are a lot of things needed to be learned before you decide.

Why lift my vehicle?

Suspension lift kits is more than just dropping a truck to the nearest mechanic and having him equip it with this heavy duty truck accessory. Truck suspension lift kit installation requires hard work, technical know-how, consistent up-keeping and proper attention to a truck’s components. A person must first consider the purpose as to why have it installed in the first place. This will help the truck owner to decide the right modifications that should be done to his truck. For other people, the two main reasons why they install lift kits are:


It cannot be denied that a towering truck is quite a jaw dropper. Truck lifts create the biggest impression as compared to other customizations a person can do with his truck. Just having large tires is enough to get everyone’s attention on the road. Taking into consideration everyday performance is sometimes overlooked for the truck’s face value. Comfort, reliability, durability and cost must all be decided upon first before style.


Deciding to invest in this heavy duty truck accessory often follows the wanted performance. Will the truck be used on slow speed, mud racing or maybe used for long distance treks? Or wil it be used for racing or just be a regular 4 wheeler? When the performance is identified, narrowing down what needs to be done will become easy.

If you decide to go ahead with installing a suspension lift kit, Longhorn Truck Accessory in San Antonio can customize your vehicle to suite your needs. We can assist you in determining which suspension lift kits are ideal for what you want.

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