All About Lift Kits and Lift Kit Suspension (PART 2)
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Customizing a truck with heavy duty truck accessories for optimum off-road performance is quite an expansive - not to mention expensive - hobby. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration especially for those who are just starting out with truck customization. The customization options found in the market today are in fact limitless, and can make it hard to determine which suspension lift kits would match what the truck owner wants to achieve.

It is a good note to remember that installing a suspension lift kit can significantly change other components of a truck. If not attended to, it may cause unforeseen issues that will affect the truck’s performance and lead to damaging the vehicle itself. A few factors that needs to be looked into when adding truck suspension lift kits are: drive shaft length, steering geometry, brake lines, highway performance and handling, gear ratios, and overall weight.

Finding useful resources can prove to be tricky. Getting a mechanic’s opinion can provide tremendous help and give insight. Acquiring knowledge through factory service manuals, off-road magazines, internet message boards, manufacturer’s guides, and a number of other resources can contribute too. Probably the best way to find out just what the right truck lift for you is to consult a heavy duty truck accessory shop.

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