All About Lift Kits and Lift Kit Suspension (PART 3)
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Are you deciding whether to install a suspension lift kit to your precious truck? Before heading out and getting one yourself, here are just some of the basic suspension lift kit elements to remember as you plan your truck modification.

But just what does a suspension lift kit do?

The major reason for installing this type of heavy duty truck accessory is to elevate the height of the vehicle off the ground. It results to a steeper ascent or descent off-road as well as higher ground clearance. This feature serves it purpose when driving over boulders, through mud, across the desert, or even just heading through the occasional forest trail. Having a high clearance can be tricky to manage at first since it changes the truck’s center of gravity and reduce handling.

Another reason why truck owners install suspension lift kits is to allow larger tires to be fitted. Some think that having larger tires results to more traction. This is not entirely true. Though larger tires may provide improvement to traction in off-road situations, there are a lot of better ways to improve a vehicle’s traction which would be more efficient as compared to just bulking up the tire. Putting aside the style, the main reason why a large tire is chosen is for a much improved performance when it comes to slugging into mud, snow, rocks and deep rutted trails. Some tires are specifically built for off-road conditions, improving traction depending on a given situation. But it is vital to remember that the added clearance is the most important and direct benefit of having a larger tire.

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