All About Lift Kits and Lift Kit Suspension (PART 4)
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Finally decided to have a suspension lift kit installed? Here are some important factors to consider:

Lift Kit Installation

Manufacturers usually offer instruction manuals on how to install lift kits on a certain truck model, though some installation process can be quite complicated. Some would require welding or cutting or some added heavy duty truck accessory. Getting the service of a trusted mechanic would be a better approach to ensure everything is done correctly.

Added Modifications

Deciding to further upgrade truck lift kits with larger tires always comes with upgrading or tuning other components to compensate. For example, a truck’s engine is always calibrated at a specific gear ratio. When a different tire is installed, the gear ratio must be recalibrated in order to accommodate the heavier weight. Getting an expert to give comments and insight is recommended.

Highway Performance

Bigger tires can sometimes be unstable and can become an uncomfortable, noisy vehicle when driven in a faster speed. More aggressive off-road tires can also wear faster when driven on a highway. Traction on this type of road does not always perform well. Having big tires can be detrimental and a new comer should do well with guidance from an expert.


The added weight of large tires can put tremendous strain on the truck’s suspension. A person who is considering installing this type of heavy duty truck accessory must know that only trusted, durable suspension components and lighter aluminium wheels is the way to go.


The addition of suspension lift kits can change a vehicle’s center of gravity which results to less stable turns. Getting accustomed to the change should solve this problem.


There are suspension lift kits that require serious change in a truck’s suspension system which may not be legal by law. Check the regulations and get the help of a knowledgeable source regarding this matter.

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