All About Lift Kits and Lift Kit Suspension (PART 6)
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Read on to know more about the different suspension lift sizes available in the market today.


Small-sized lifts measures 1.5 or less inches. This heavy duty truck accessory will give you a bit more clearance to make use of slightly bigger tires. One of the most common ways to get a small lift is to make use of coil spacers in front then using long shackles at the back. The small lifts are quite affordable. They can be easily installed with not much complication.


A medium-sized lift has about two inches lift. This could be a better choice for those truck owners who want to have a better tire clearance but not interested in driving to any off-road trails. The most common medium lifts make use of spacer and add-a-leaf lifts. This size also comes with new shocks. There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using this lift size. It is good to note that a stronger rear spring is important when choosing a medium-sized lift. If you are also planning to put an add-a-leaf kit, additional modifications can be a bit complicated as add-a-leafs are meant to lift stock springs.


A large –sized lift has three to four inches, and even more. This heavy duty truck accessory gives a more aggressive appearance and better off-road performance to any truck. The most common lift setup has new front coils and add-a-leaf in the rear, with an additional combination of new front coils and new rear springs. The large lift kits also include a matching set of shocks. Large lifts often comes with a hefty price tag, and installing this may lead to more complications. There could be a dramatic impact when it comes to on-road performance, but it cannot be denied that this can make your vehicle stand out appearance-wise.

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