All About Truck Running Boards and Side Steps (PART 1)
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Truck owners know how strong truck designs are. These types of vehicles are simply bold and luxurious, therefore any heavy duty truck accessories that will be attached to it should also look strong and magnificent. Two examples of heavy duty truck accessories that create an impact are the running board and side bars. Since there are many types of running boards and side bars in the market today, let Longhorn Truck Accessories enumerate and discuss options so you can make a more informed decision once you decide on getting one for your tuck. You can go straight to Longhorn Truck Accessories too for your own running boards or side bars since we at Longhorn have carefully selected manufacturers with heavy duty truck accessories that have the most consistent proven track records when it comes to product quality and long-term durability.

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If you don’t know what to pick between a running board or side bar, read on:

Its easy to differentiate a running board to a side bar. A true running board is flat and flush-mounted while a side step has a tubular shape. If you use your truck for off roading and value high ground clearance, there are designs that are meant to protect your truck’s rocker panels from potential damage without that annoying protrusion on the side. There are also a lot of running boards and step bars that can be completely pulled back. A good place to start is to think what is important for you – if you need a bar or board that is leaning more towards passenger assistance or benefiting the truck itself.

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Another thing to consider is your truck’s cab length since it will greatly affect any running board’s wheel to wheel coverage.  The complete span of a running board that covers the complete length of a pickup, van, or SUV between front and rear wheel well openings is referred to as the “Wheel-to-wheel running board coverage”. There are some running boards that consist of a one-piece section that already fits the exact length of the truck. Some come in two separate but adjoining sections with the first section that spans the length of a truck’s cab area while the second is cut to fit on the area below the bed – varying in lengths depending on short-, medium-, or long-bed configuration.

We’ll be continuing our discussion on running boards and side steps so stay tuned for the next blog posts.

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