All About Truck Running Boards and Side Steps (PART 2)
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We’ll be continuing our discussion about grille guards and side steps, brought to you by Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas.

Side steps or step bars are heavy duty truck accessories that add ease and style when it comes to climbing into your cabin. Instead of the typical flat plank on top, step bars come with tubular metal construction that has an oval shape. If you think that traditional running boards add too much to your truck, you can opt for step bars to give your truck e a more discreet look. You can choose a side step style that can easily blend well and can go almost unnoticed. There are also some side step styles that bring strong statement with its chrome or polished stainless steel finish. Even if they do not have a wide a stepping area compared to running boards, you can still choose from a variety of diameters to fit your need. Here are just some of the side step styles available in the market today:

longhorn side step 1

Step Bars that has removable auxiliary steps

Those who are looking for the best of both worlds can opt to get step bars with removable steps. This type of step comes with a slim, attractive step bar with a removable second step level

longhorn side step 2

Steps with add-on second step

If you want a a full-length removable second step, this style is for you. They are available with or without the second step. A lot of of brands often come in stainless steel or traditional steel as well as stainless steel grated foot plates for the secondary step areas. This style has bolts for easy installation with the use of simple hand tools.

longhorn side step 3

Adjustable side steps

Adjustable side steps feature two foot pads. You can opt to bolt them at different heights or remove them completely. You can choose to position them higher up if you want more clearance or you can choose to bolt them on the lower holes for a height that’s lower than most step pads.

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