Aluminum or Steel: What’s the Best Choice For My Truck?
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Having extra lockable storage space in your truck has a lot of benefits. But before you head out and decide to buy it for your truck, you must first understand the advantages and the disadvantages of the storage material you will get, specifically if it’s going to be aluminium or steel made. Same goes when you are in the market looking for a tool box brand or liquid transfer tank. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas lists down the facts on the pros and cons of getting aluminium storage versus steel ones.

Pros of choosing aluminium

Aluminium is very sturdy but still lightweight. It can easily outlast your truck since it will never rust. When it comes to aluminium, you can choose between Brite-Tread or you can opt to add a high gloss black powder coat. When it comes to heavy duty truck accessories that compliment diamond plated aluminium, you can pick from a variety of options such as side bed caps, running boards, tailgate protectors, front bed caps, mud flaps and many more.

Cons of choosing aluminium

If you choose not to powder coat your aluminium, it may require routine maintenance to keep the aluminium shining which means higher costs. Not only that, aluminium is naturally much more expensive than steel.

Pros of choosing steel

Steel is a very strong material and comes in either white o black powder coat. Some steel products, specifically those from Dee Zee brand available at Longhorn Truck Accessories, use no rust technology that involves a chemical additive that creates a bond which rust and corrosion from forming. Steel is also significantly cheaper compared to aluminium. , side bed caps, running boards, tailgate protectors, front bed caps, mud flaps an

Cons of choosing steel

Steel is considerably heavier than aluminium. It will also require additional care to prevent scratching or gouging through the steel’s powder coating. The no rust technology that some steel products have can effectively stop rust and corrosion, but the uncoated damaged areas definitely will. 

With the right information, you can easily choose the perfect heavy duty truck accessories for your precious truck. If you need more helpful information, call Longhorn Truck Accessories now!

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