Benefits of Installing Husky Liners
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Considered as an important heavy duty truck accessory, Husky liners could very well be your truck’s most trusted companion. Aside from the fact that it always comes with a lifetime guarantee, here are additional reasons why you need to invest in these top notch floor liners:


It protects your truck’s interior carpet

Believe it or not, Husky Liners is proven to outlast your vehicle. Aside from not cracking or breaking, Husky liners are fully customizable to fit the front, second and third seat as well as the rear cargo. Constructed using a rubberized thermoplastic material, it comes in different form-fitting designs and a range of colours built to protect your truck’s carpet from damaging elements.

 It is highly customizable

Husky liners can fit any floorboards and any exact specifications by using the most current coordinate measuring and laser scanning technology. A complex surface is not a problem since Husky engineers use the truck’s original digital reproduction data to make it match, ensuring a perfect fit all the time. This form- fitting liner uses a patented raised containment walls to protect your carpet from even the most destructing weather situation.

It is built to last

Husky’s research and development engineers constructed these floor liners using only the highest quality materials and processes. It is built thicker and tougher as compared to the other products available in the market today. Extreme conditions are no match, as this heavy duty truck accessory is constructed with an embossed ribbing which keeps it in place and will keep your feet above dirt, mud and water. Constant abuse is nothing to worry about with Husky liners’ STA-PUT NIBS patented technology. This grips the carpet without the use of any anchors or fasteners. Husky Liner is easy to install and stays in place to put maximum protection to your truck’s interior.

If you want to increase your vehicle’s value and keep your trucks interior to look like new with Husky liners, inquire at Longhorn Truck Equipment if you are around the San Antonio area. Just call us for a wide selection of other heavy duty truck accessories.

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