Cleaning Your Truck’s Glass, Windows and Plastic Interior
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Even though cleaning glass is not that hard to do, there are still some useful tricks you can do to make it still a lot easier. Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories offers its San Antonio clients Mothers® polishes, waxes and cleaners to keep their vehicle looking its best. Whether you plan to do detailing, installing heavy duty truck accessories or just looking to give your truck a quick polish, Longhorn and Mothers® encourages you to find the right tool for each project.

Using a wadded-up newspaper instead of paper towel is a great way to clean the glass surface. Using a clean lint-fee or microfiber towels can make things easier too. It is best to use a glass cleaner that is made specifically for automotive use. It is designed to loosen any airborne stickiness such as tobacco smoke haze, interior grime and even the film that comes with new cars. Using a specialized product is safe for your truck’s dash, leather or tinting since it has no ammonia. Ammonia-based cleaners are harsh and can do more damage. It’s better to spray the glass cleaner onto the towel instead directly on the windows for those hard to reach areas. If you have tinted windows, remember that it requires special care. Always make sure to use soft cotton or microfiber when touching the window tint since it can be easily scratched. A good chrome polish can do wonders when it comes to erasing any damage, either water spotting or minute scratching, on the outside of your glass. Most of the time, only the outer portion of the water spot remains the same. Apply the chrome polish repeatedly to remove any spots. If you are having a hard time removing it, it may have been etched and at that point you will need to have a professional do the polishing.

When it comes to the dashboard, gauge cluster lenses, dome lights and any other plastic moldings of your truck, a regular maintenance is also needed.  A penetrating treatment or protectant can further minimize the need for any repairs of your truck’s interior parts.

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