Cleaning Your Truck’s Leather Interior
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Leather has long been used by auto manufacturers to make a vehicle’s interior feel more comfortable, natural and not to mention smelling great. Proper care using the right methods and materials is needed in order to keep that earthy yet luxurious look at its best. Leather comes from a natural skin and must be cleaned often and condition just like as our own. 

Making sure it is regularly cleaned contributes to your interior’s long term health and beauty. Leather cleaners found in the market today is applied with the use of a cotton towel, sponge or is directly applied to the seat, rubbed thoroughly into the leather then wiped clean. Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories offers its San Antonio clients Mothers® polishes, waxes and cleaners to keep their vehicle looking its best. Whether you plan to do detailing, installing heavy duty truck accessories or just looking to give your truck a quick polish, Longhorn and Mothers® encourages you to find the right tool for each project.


Leather tends to harbour much more dirt than you realize, do proper cleaning needs to be done section by section. If the leather’s stain and discoloration is already heavy, don’t try to clean everything at once. It is better to hit each section several times lightly but over a period of days. This is to allow the product to dry and work its magic between treatments. Remember that just like your own skin, leather must not be rubbed until raw. A lot of leather cleaners in the market today are made specifically to smooth leather or rough leather and suede. Make sure to differentiate the two. Like any other car care chemicals and products, you always get what you pay for.  Cheap leather cleaners often lack proper Ph balance and can actually be more harmful that the repackaged low grade soaps. Try to look for leather cleaner that is Ph balanced and is made to clean leather safely and effectively. One important factor to remember is to keep leather cleaners away from all clear or transparent plastics since it can dull the plastic’s finish.

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