Cleaning Your Truck’s Tires
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Taking care of your truck’s tires in the long run should include a proper cleaning schedule. Making sure that you do regular treatments with a good tire dressing helps protect your truck’s tires from UV exposure, cracking, fading and turning brown. Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories offers its San Antonio clients Mothers® polishes, waxes and cleaners to keep their vehicle looking its best. Whether you plan to do detailing, installing heavy duty truck accessories or just looking to give your truck a quick polish, Longhorn and Mothers® encourages you to find the right tool for each project.

If you want to clean off the accumulated dirt, soil and old dressing from the surface of your truck’ tire, it’s better to use a cleaner that is specifically designed for tires and rubber. A firm nylon or natural bristle brush can be used to remove the heavy deposits and really bear down on that stubborn dirt. Ideally, cleaning your truck’s tires and wheels must be done first before washing your truck from the top down. This is done so you can take care of the dirtiest areas first while avoiding splashing the wheelwell grime on a portion of the truck’s that’s already washed. A good quality tire dressing can be applied directly on the tire, but it will be much more efficient and cost effective if it can be sprayed into a closed-cell sponge. After that you can rub a sponge onto the tire with a light buffing action. By doing this you can avoid wasting the product and also achieve much better and neater results.

 It is good to note not to use a back to black or any other similar type of restorative products on your truck’s tires. Heavy restorative chemical products are made to be used for exterior trims only. If you already know that your tires needs to be restored, better buy a new set. Using a solvent-based tire and rubber protectant can actually be a bad thing when it comes to the longevity of your tire’s surface. Always check the bottle for distilled petrochemicals to be sure.

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