Cleaning Your Truck’s Wheels
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Even though the basic approach to wheel cleaning is simple, not all wheels are the same, and therefore require different types of chemicals. Be sure to check your owner’s manual or with the wheel manufacturer to make sure the cleaner you choose is not going to harm your wheels. Maintaining your truck’s wheels is not different from cleaning body paint. A good wheel cleaner can help remove any heavily soiled, sticky brake dust or road grime. Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories offers its San Antonio clients Mothers® polishes, waxes and cleaners to keep their vehicle looking its best. Whether you plan to do detailing, installing heavy duty truck accessories or just looking to give your truck a quick polish, Longhorn and Mothers® encourages you to find the right tool for each project.

If your wheels are painted, anodized or clear coated aluminium

An aluminium wheel cleaner is formulated for use on painted wheels and other coatings that need a gentle approach. However, when applying them does so with a hose nearby so you can rinse off the cleaner within a couple of minutes.

If your wheels are polished aluminum or magnesium

For this type, rub a thin layer of polish onto a portion of the wheel until a black residue appears. Just add more polish as you go along, making sure not be remove the residue as it also acts as a secondary polishing agent. When clean, just wipe it dry with a clean, dry cotton towel so that you don’t let the polish dry on the wheel—make sure you turn the drying towel frequently.

If your wheels are chrome or roughcast metal

This type needs extra cleaning power so strong cleaners are recommended. Be careful not to let the cleaner come into contact with other parts of the car and also not let it sit too long before washing it off. Make sure that your wheels are actually chrome or roughcast because a cleaner meant for this type can damage other types of wheels. After cleaning chrome wheels, chase the cleaner with a chrome polish as finishing touch.

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