Dee Zee Stainless Steel Side Moldings Available At Longhorn Truck Accessories
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Do you often look at your truck and feel that there is something missing? Stainless steel side moldings may be what you are looking for to dress up your truck sides from bumper to bumper. Longhorn Truck Accessories has partnered with Dee Zee to provide its San Antonio clients with custom fit stainless moldings for any truck models.

Custom fitting side moldings can be contoured to the truck to bolster the look of the rocker panels. 3M™ brand adhesive tape, which is also available at Longhorn Truck Accessories, is used to secure the moldings snuggly against the vehicle. This is to minimize water and dirt getting behind the accessory which can cause unnecessary scratches due to the small particle debris. The bright shine of the side moldings matches a variety of other Dee Zee stainless products such as bed caps, tailgate protectors and mud flaps. Don’t hesitate to contact Longhorn for the complete list of Dee Zee products.

While you may be looking to side moldings to simply improve the appearance of your vehicle, you can still get other impressive benefits. The appearance of stainless steel adds value to the vehicle as a very attractive accessory for resale, while the durability of the material protects against unsightly rock chips and dents. Road debris is deflected away, eliminating rust prone areas from chipped paint. Dee Zee stainless steel side Moldings adds a touch of class and rock chip protection to your vehicle. They are made from premium grade 304 stainless steel. They can be custom fitted to any truck models and is quick and easy to install, and can make your truck look great with or without running boards. Dee Zee stainless steel side moldings require no drilling and are easily mounted with high-performance 3M adhesive.

Your truck is prone to damage on the rocker panels, so why not protect it with heavy duty truck accessories where the rubber meets the road. If you are in San Antonio area, you can go to Longhorn Truck Accessories to get your Dee Zee stainless steel side moldings and other heavy duty truck accessories.

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