Different Bull Bar and Grill Guard Styles (PART 1)
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Grill guards and bull bars are heavy duty truck accessories that instantly add beauty and safety to trucks and SUVs. If properly installed, both can provide protection against everyday driving hazards from simple rocks up to collisions with other vehicles on the road. These heavy duty truck accessories also provide an added push for drivers who want to assist other vehicles. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas lists down the different types of grill guards and bull bars you can choose from.

There are actually many types of grill guards to match any vehicle specification. Getting the right grill guard can assure you that it will properly deliver the benefits it’s supposed to. It is very important that the guard should match the contours and spacing of your truck’s headlight. Here are the different types of grille guards and bull bars:

full grill guard

Full Grill Guards

Full guards have two center uprights that are directly mounted to the frame. It also has a side brush guards that wrap around to cover the headlights.  This type of style provides protection without compromising function. Full grill guards provide any truck or SUV maximum front-end protection from any side impacts and front-end hazards. Regardless if you want to drive through the wildest trails or simply cruise around town, full grill guard is a perfect choice.

center grill guard

Center Grill Guards

If you don’t want that wrap-around look of a full grill guard but still want the same level of protection, though, center grille guard is the one for you. Centre grill guards have the same tough middle upright design but has no side brush guard.


Bull Bars

Bull Bars are a perfect combination of a heavy duty truck accessory that has both function and good design. Bull bars protect the front bumper and the lower section of the grill from any rocks or curbs. Unlike grill guards, this won’t cover up the whole grill or hide the headlights. Many bull bar brands are built  using the same materials as that of a full-on grill guard. The difference is that bull bars have pre-drilled holes or tabs so they can be easily attached on either or both off-road fog lights and driving lights.

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