Different Bull Bar and Grill Guard Styles (PART 2)
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Here is more truck bull bar and grille styles brought to you by Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas.

Bull Bar Skid Plates_longhorn

Bull Bar Skid Plates

Many bull bars in the market have skid plates that are attached to the bottom of the bull bar using bolts or welding. This type of bull bar is made of tough sheet metal. There are also some models that have removable skid plates as well as permanent ones. Bull bar skid plates provide more than aesthetic appeal to any truck. They also provide heavy protection against any pebbles or debris kicked up by the car infront. Skid plates also protect the truck from rocks or curbs that might be damaging to a truck bumper.

rear bumper guides_longhorn

Rear Bumper Guards

Protecting the back of the truck is as important as protecting the front-end since it receives a lot of abuse especially from careless drivers. Having a heavy duty rear bumper guard to shield the back of your truck can equate to hundreds or thousands of savings from avoiding costly paint jobs or replacement. Many rear bumper guards in the market are manufactured from tough stainless steel tube. They can also be custom-designed to any truck or vehicle models for a flawless fit and rugged protection.

Tail Light Guard_longhorn

Tail Light Guard

Tail light guard’s purpose is the same as headlight guards positioned in full front-end grille guards. It is designed with a series of narrow bars that protects the tail light lenses from possible shock damage or even flying rocks. Tail light guards can be mounted directly to the tail light. Since tail lights suffer less impact, the light protection given by a tail light guard is perfect for any truck owner.

Grill guards and bull bars are just some of the heavy duty truck accessories available in the market  that instantly add beauty and safety to trucks and SUVs. For added protection against everyday driving hazards from simple rocks up to collisions with other vehicles on the road, you can consider getting a grille guard or bull bar for your truck. . Be sure to go to Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas to get your own heavy duty grill guards and bull bars.

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