Do I Need A Truck Bed Mat?
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Are you planning to shop for a truck bed mat for your vehicle? Considering the cost buying this heavy duty truck accessory entails, you may be debating why not just be extra careful when it comes to loading the truck bed. You may even believe that since you have a spray bed liner, you have all the protection you will ever need. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio is here to explain why using a bed mat in your truck bed might just be the wisest decision you’ll ever make. Here are just some of the benefits.

Truck Bed Mats are affordable

If you have no extra money to invest in a premium bed liner, truck bed mats such as those from Dee Zee can give you ultimate protection at a much lower cost. Some sellers even offer additional benefits that are much better than those spray-in liners in the market today.

Truck Bed Mats are better for short term

If you are trading your truck every two years on lease, having a bed mat can definitely help maintain the value of your truck. You can use it as another selling plus to put your truck high in demand.

Truck Bed Mats are heavy-duty

Dee Zee bed mats that are available in Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas are made up of highly compressed rubber compounds that give exceptional shock absorption. The conforming 3/8″ rubber may be the only thing that is protecting your truck bed from an ugly scratch or dent.

Truck Bed Mats are highly resilient 

When it comes to dexterity, rubber is the way to go. It will not crack, tear, rust or break during bad seasons. The highly condensed rubber will not be affected by most chemical spills and can be easily cleaned.

They are skid-free 

Since rubber bed mats are heavy, it won’t easily slide when you push or pull heavy cargo through it. The rubber cleats make it stay in place and it will also keep the stuff inside the truck from shifting or moving. There is also spacing provided for water drainage.

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