Get Dyno Results from MagnaFlow Dyno (PART 1)
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Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas has partnered with MagnaFlow to bring you high performance, heavy duty truck accessories.

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MagnaFlow boasts of a fully-equipped 30,000 square foot research and development center that houses their two in-ground dynamometers. All components are subjected on various quality and performance evaluations tests before being manufactured. It is MagnaFlow’s commitment to deliver quality performance products that fuels their thorough product development process.  MagnaFlow ensures that they will never sell any exhaust system that does not perform well. All MagnaFlow performance products are proven to increase power over the stock exhaust system. Longhorn Truck Accessories will explain how MagnaFlow is able to deliver such satisfying results.

MagnaFlow has a Dynamometer Test Cell

The Dynamometer Test Cell is an insulated and monitored room that comes with environmental control. It has a complete exhaust isolation and evacuation system, as well as a complete cooling fan array to imitate speed airflow.

MagnaFlow has Test Cell Equipment:

The Test Cell Equipment is composed of the ff.

  • In-ground DynoJet 248C dynamometer that has a wide-band fuel monitor and atmospheric condition monitor
  • In-ground Mustang MD-1000 dynamometer which comes with a 5 gas analyzer atmospheric condition monitor
  • Multi-channel data logger with infrared, voltage and thermocouple probes which is used for systems monitoring
  • OBDI and OBDII analyzers for computer PCM interface and monitoring.

MagnaFlow also follows a strict test protocol for all components to ensure quality. First, the dynamometer is cycled while the room is brought to stable operating temperature. A vehicle is then brought to the test temperature or test condition using OBDI/OBDII monitors/analyzers so it can maintain consistent sensor readings. A Dynamometer test is done when the operating condition of the test vehicle has reached a level where it can simulate proper heat soak and air or fuel mapping. The Dynamometer tests are then operated again but this time in a“hood-down” position to simulate proper air flow and heat soak, after which, cool down and warm up procedures are performed.

MagnaFlow knows how important it is to be consistent and accurate when performing dyno testing. MagnaFlow also knows that there are many factors involved when it comes to creating valid results. It is therefore their mission to go through these great lengths to make sure everything is done right.

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