Get Dyno Results from MagnaFlow Dyno (PART 2)
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Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas has partnered with MagnaFlow to bring you high performance, heavy duty truck accessories. Here is the second part of how MagnaFlow is able to deliver quality components to the heavy demands of good truck performance.



MagnaFlow not only monitors the RPM of the motor and its power output, they also consider many other conditions under their rigorous testing protocol. It is very important to monitor how the computer communicates with the motor when it comes to model fuel injection. It is important to monitor the PCM contained in a controlled environment in order to get consistent results. Making sure the proper temperatures are maintained before every test will affect how much fuel or spark the motor will achieve. There will already be a drastic change in power output if there are changes in fuel and spark. MagnaFlow knows how important the test conditions are when it comes to getting consistent and credible results, as well as what gear the test is started in automatic transmissions, how much load the motor is seeing, and even how quickly the accelerator is pressed. All of these contribute in creating good data.

What’s more, the motor air status must also be factored in. Having good air is as important as having enough motor air. MagnaFlow’s test cell has aan evacuation system that controls unusable waste or exhust gas and preventing it from mixing with the rest of the air supply in the test center. Making sure the exhaust is separated can prevent the air from being contaminated and keep it at a stable temperature. MagnaFlow also makes it a point to test with the hood down. By doing so, they are able to stimulate heat soak and factory air supply by providing air supply in greater amounts than it could have normally achieve.

MagnaFlow’s dedication when it comes to producing and maintaining high quality products is admirable. That is why Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio has decided to partner with them so San Antonio Texas clients can get hold of these amazing heavy duty truck accessories.

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