Get Tire Chains For Your Truck This Winter
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Winter has finally arrived. Having trouble navigating your truck with all the snow on the road? Why not get tire chains for your truck?

But just how does a tire chain work? Tire chains help trucks drive through the heavy and dense snow which has accumulated on the road. Tire chains are typically used in mountainous areas that tend to get a lot of snow all throughout the winter season. There are two factors that contribute to how they work: traction and wheel spin.

Tire chains are wrapped around the tire treads and are latched tightly to prevent them from slipping off. They basically allow the tires to have a better grip on the roads while on snowy and icy roads. Tire chains can provide trucks more traction and better control. There are different size chains available in the market for all tire sizes. Make sure to get the right size to avoid permanently damaging your tires. More so, tire chains prevent wheel spin thus increasing traction. When the force delivered to the tire tread by the engine is greater than the tread-to-surface friction, wheel spin happens. This makes the truck’s tires to lose traction.

Having tire chains on your truck’s wheels is very beneficial when you will spend more time driving through snow, but does have a few restrictions worth remembering. Make sure you will not go above 30mph when you have tire chains on. It is also best to avoid bare asphalt while on tire chains since it can damage the tires and shorten its lifespan.

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