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Your brand new truck will be vulnerable to wear and tear once it is driven off the dealer lot. Whether if you intend it for rugged daily work use or maybe you just need it for personal home projects, having a truck is a big help. Taking care of your truck so it will last longer starts the moment you drive it. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas encourages you to get heavy duty truck accessories that can help keep your truck in tip top shape longer.

Bed surface is one of the truck’s areas most prone to wear and tear. Any heavy weight cargo can scratch the bed’s smooth surface, no matter how careful you are loading it in the truck. A truck bed mat is potentially the single most important accessory you might buy and at minimal cost. It will protect the vehicle from scratches and dents, and help to provide traction to eliminate sliding cargo.

Dee Zee bed mats are a cost-effective solution to protect your truck bed surface free from scratches, dings and dents. A cargo that is shifting is also detrimental to your truck’s appearance. Bed Mats help prevent shifting cargo from damaging your truck and eliminate chasing down loose items strewn about the truck bed.

Dee Zee Bed Mats are custom fitting to your truck by contouring around wheel wells for ultimate coverage. Rubber cleats on the reverse side facilitate water drainage and keep the Bed Mat securely in place. Made in the USA with superior manufacturing, you can trust heavy-duty Dee Zee Bed Mats to last the life of your truck. Each Dee Zee Bed Mat is constructed from .375″ (9.52mm) high-density Rubber compound that is resistant to gas or oil spills. The tightly compressed Rubber fibers are abrasion and tear resistant from your cargo. Your custom fit Bed Mat will not crack, rust or break in extreme temperatures. Resilient Rubber compound material deflects harmful UV rays to decrease fading.

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