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Looking to supercharge your truck? Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas brings its clients Vortech Supercharging Systems!

Each Vortech supercharging system is designed and developed to operate as a seamless addition to the base vehicle. By employing the same methods as the original manufacturers, Vortech engineers create fully integrated supercharger systems that not only appear as if they were original equipment; they operate at an even higher level of sophistication. The boost curve generated by Vortech’s superchargers is ideally matched with today’s highly evolved engines, and gives you a power when you need it sensation. The supercharger and the technologically advanced subsystems fully integrate into the vehicle’s existing platform yielding a smooth continuity of power and performance.

Vortech provide the best performance while maintaining a margin of safety that anticipates most driving conditions that you may encounter. Most of their complete supercharger systems are created with the intention of passing the stringent emissions regulations. These systems now yield huge power numbers even with the most conservative approach; this is mostly due to Vortech’s compressor efficiency and advanced charge cooler systems.

Here are just some amazing Vortech systems you can get at Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas:

Standard Supercharger Systems

These systems are complete including all components required for a bolt-on installation by the experienced do-it-yourselfer. Most complete systems are 50-state emissions legal or are pending.

High-Output Systems (Charge Cooled)

High-Output systems are similar to the standard systems with a higher level of performance. The supercharger is set at a higher boost level and a charge cooler is usually included with higher rated subsystems to accommodate the higher boost. Appropriate fuel pump and injectors, bypass valves and other upgrades along with ECM re-programming are part of these highly popular systems on most models.

Tuner Kits

These configurations are designed for those qualified tuners or race shops who do not require the fuel managements items included in the standard systems. Among the items excluded are fuel pump, fuel injectors, FMU, air-inlet assembly (T-Trim models) and ECM programmer or timing controller.

Base Kits

Designed for those who already have a Vortech Supercharger, but need the miscellaneous components (brackets, connectors, ducts, hoses, fasteners, etc.) to complete an installation. Fuel management components/electronics are available separately.

Get the power when you need it! Vortech Supercharger Systems are available at Longhorn Truck Accessories, San Antonio Texas.

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