Getting Support from AirLift’s AirCell
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Manufacturers would commonly opt for suspension specification settings which majority of the drivers are comfortable with. The most common consideration for trucks design specifications are two to three occupants plus a ton of cargo. But what will you do if you want to add a snow plow to your truck? The additional thousand pounds of a ten foot plow will definitely put strain to your vehicle.

Some of the most common solutions to this problem are putting replacement steel overload springs, using hollow rubber springs or adding spacers to the spring seats. These common solutions poses several problems – replacing springs is quite expensive, unladen rides can be quite uncomfortable and the vehicle needs to be lifted for the modifications to be applied.

A better alternative is to use AirCell. Aircell is a static load support system that lessens the issues on changing the springs that is meant to carry a fixed load. This heavy duty truck accessory is available for the front and rear suspension applications. Front kits provide support for the snow plows or other heavy front equipment; while rear kits are for regular heavy loads. AirCell is an inexpensive and maintenance-free microcellular urethane spring made from the similar rugged material as factory jounce bumpers. It is designed to lower the squat and maximize the comfort for trucks which carry constant loads. AirCell costs only half as compared to steel overload springs but can still provide a better ride than steel or rubber load supports. By simply snapping and bolting it on, AirCell is no sweat when it comes to installation and maintenance.

The AirCell kit can help you install in an hour all less without needing to lift your truck. Each kit includes AirLift’s 60-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty for all kit contents. It will definitely be a long lasting investment in your part. If you are in San Antonio, just head out to Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories to avail of the AirCell. We also offer a wide range of other heavy duty truck accessories, just contact us at (210) 682 2220 for any inquiries.

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