Grill Guards, Style vs. Function
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Adding a grill guard to your truck is a great way to customize your vehicle without breaking the bank. There are always two reasons to add a grill or brush guard to your truck. You like the look or you actually need one. Here are 3 things to consider when adding a custom grill guard to your truck.

The added weight– A grill guard will add weight to your vehicle which will bring your gas mileage down slightly. If you are picking a grill guard for purly cosmetic puposes it may be a good idea to get a lighter guard that will give you the look without as much durability.

Durability — If you need the grill guard because of how the truck is used than durability offsets any weight concerns. The longevity of your truck and the protection of it’s vital parts can be greatly increased by selecting solid guards and bumpers.

Function — Guards come in all shapes and sizes because some are intended for specific uses. Speak with one of our experts and we can help you pick the brush guard and grill guard that are right for you.

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