Headache Racks Provide Protection to New Truck Owners
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Congratulations to all new owners of light and heavy duty trucks! You have just purchased a powerful and rugged vehicle that can travel in places where ordinary cars cannot tread. To make your new truck even more safe and useful, you should get heavy duty products for it from Longhorn Truck Accessories.

A full line of heavy duty truck accessories is available from Longhorn. And in case it does not currently offer the particular accessory that you need for your truck, you may dial Longhorn at 1-210-6822220.

One type of truck accessory that Longhorn carries is the headache rack. A headache rack refers to a big sheet of steel or aluminum that is mounted behind the truck cab. It provides protection to drivers like you during the transportation of cargo.

Longhorn can build headache racks for all Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Chevy and Ford pickup trucks. Measurements may be required in some cases. Customers like you need to specify whether you prefer angle iron or diamond plate bedcaps, with or without cut, and with or without lights. Aside from this, you should state as well if you prefer a toolbox cutout and a toprail. Did you know that all headache racks may also be made with louvers or expanded metal for the window guard?

Don’t hesitate to visit the shop of Longhorn Truck Accessories if you are in the Atascosa County or San Antonio area.

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