Heavy Duty Accessories for Your Dodge Truck
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Maybe one of the reasons why you bought a Dodge truck is to have a powerful vehicle that makes it convenient for you to travel extensively around San Antonio, Atascosa County, and even across the country. While most trucks may enable you to drive over rough terrain more easily than smaller automobiles, you should also keep in mind that your truck is not invincible. It is not immune to breakdowns, accidents, or damages. That’s why you should take advantage of heavy duty accessories for your Dodge truck that are available from Longhorn Truck Accessories.

Always be prepared in case your Dodge truck accidentally breaks down while you are on the road. You should get tool boxes for your vehicle from Longhorn. Tool boxes are cases that can store various tools, including those that may be used to make emergency repairs on a truck. Longhorn Truck Accessories carries a variety of tool box models and combos: 20” and 30” wide over the rail, 20” and 30” wide low profile over the rail, 20” floor mount chest box, 105 gal. L-shape diesel tank/toolbox combo, 65 gal. L-shape diesel tank/toolbox combo, and over the rail toolbox/diesel tank combo.

Just in case you encounter an accident while you are driving your Dodge truck and your bumper becomes severely damaged, you don’t have to worry. Longhorn Truck Accessories offers various bumper replacements for Dodge trucks, such as 2010-11 2500/3500, 2010 2500/3500, 08 4500, 06-07 2500/3500/ Laramie & Megacab, 03-05 2500/3500, 02-05 1500, 94-02 (all models except 02 1500).

Do you live in San Antonio or Atascosa County? In case you cannot find the specific Dodge accessories you are looking for, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-210-6822220. Longhorn Truck Accessories has a wide selection of heavy duty truck accessories.

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