Heavy Duty Accessories for Your Ford Truck
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If you have recently upgraded from an ordinary car to a Ford truck, you are probably reveling in the advantages that trucks have over smaller vehicles. After all, you can now transport larger and heavier items than before. Aside from this, you can now confidently drive over bumpy, uneven roads where you might hesitate to bring a typical automobile. But did you know that your Ford truck can become an even better vehicle with the help of heavy duty truck accessories?

Although the height of a truck can be an advantage in some ways, it can also be a disadvantage in one way: it may be harder for a person, especially a small child or an elderly person, to get inside the truck. That’s why you should purchase running boards and steps for your Ford truck from Longhorn Truck Accessories. Running boards and steps are narrow footboards that serve as an intermediate step or stair that can help a person climb inside a truck. Longhorn carries running boards for 2012 Ford Super Duty and hoop steps for Ford SD from 99-07. The boards are available in diamond plate steel or expanded metal.

A truck may be rugged, but it is not unsusceptible to damage either. That’s why it is a good idea to get a grill guard for your Ford truck, which provides protection to its grill and lights. Longhorn Truck Accessories offers grill guards for 2011 Ford Super Duty, 09-11 Ford F150, 08-10 Ford Superduty, 05-07 Superduty/Excursion, 04-07 F-150, and 97-03 F-150.

If you live in San Antonio or Atascosa County, you can make the most of out of your Ford truck by purchasing truck accessories from Longhorn Truck Accessories. You can call us at 1(210)682-2220 if you can’t find the specific truck accessories that you are looking for.

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