Heavy Duty Truck Accessories for Off Road Interior (PART 1)
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Off-roaders know how important it is to invest in quality and heavy duty truck accessories that boost their truck’s performance. Aside from external upgrades, there are also interior accessories that owners can consider to further enhance their truck. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas compiles just 10 of the must have interior heavy duty truck accessories in a two-part post.

Bed Liners or heavy duty floor matsA good way to ruggedize any truck is by having a truck bed liner with rubber floor mats. The truck bed is considered as the most easily damaged area of a truck’s interior. Caked mud can get into the fabric and tools can tear the seams. Having bed lining is a great way to lessen any bad odor and make truck clean up very easy. Just use a pressure washer to clean things up. Bed liners can be applied either with a paint roller/brush or a spray gun. Using a roller and a brush tend to be sloppy especially if it is not carefully applied. Spray guns result to a smoother and less blotchy appearance in minimal time but often come with a hefty price tag.

Grab handlesPutting a set of grab handles are almost a navigator’s necessity and can really help truck passengers who need stability. Grab handles are very sturdy and are available in different colors to match any truck owner’s personality.

Suspension seatsStraight axle suspension may beat the driver up and throw him around hard trails. Having a good set of suspension seats can make those hard impacts bearable by reducing the amount of shock transferred to the body. This makes the off-roader less fatigued. For added safety, suspension seats also come with multi-point harnesses.

Switch PanelTruck owners can consider getting a switch panel to keep auxiliary selectors organized and easily accessible.

Phone or Tablet mountHaving a phone or tablet mount is a great way to maintain functionality while keeping hands free to drive. There are a variety of mounts for any type of phones, tablets, cameras and laptops in the market you can look into.

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