Heavy Duty Truck Accessories for Off Road Interior (PART 2)
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Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas compiles 10 of the must have interior heavy duty truck accessories in a two-part post.

NavigationOff roaders know that it is no fun being lost, especially if there are no gas stations in sight. It is very important for off roaders to have maps, navigation and compass inside their vehicles all the time. Although there are a lot of phone navigation apps available now, having an analog backup is always a safe bet. When choosing navigation apps, it will be better if the application can pin notes along the route.

CommunicationMaintaining good communication is extremely important especially for dangerous emergency situations. Running out of cell phone reception quickly limits any off-roader’s emergency safety options. Truck owners can equip their trucks with a CB radio. Make sure that the CB includes weather, emergency and information stations. There are CB radio brands available that are made for tight truck interiors.

TunerOff roaders always look for performance boost. Tuners are a great option that enables owners to monitor engine stats without taking their eye of the trail. A lot of tuners come with touch screen, inclinometer gauges, speedometer correction, gear ratio tuner and a whole lot more.

Secure StorageKeeping an off-roader’s gears safe and secure is extremely important due to a variety of reason. First reason is when an accident happens; storage can keep any item safe from flying all around the cabin. Second reason is that having secure storage can put any owner’s mind at ease especially if they need to leave the truck exposed or unattended. Tuffy Security products that are available at Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas are a perfect choice.

Fire ExtinguisherSuprisingly, not all off road trucks are equipped with a fire extinguisher. Auto fires can sometimes be unavoidable, therefore it is always best to have a fire extinguisher ready for such emergency situation.

For more off-road information or if you want to discover other heavy duty truck accessories that are perfect for off-roading, don’t hesitate to call Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas.

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