How Can I Increase My Truck’s Fuel Efficiency?
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Trucks are an awesome transportation choice especially when carrying heavy cargo. Choosing this ride comes with a cost, and that is fuel inefficiency. A lot of trucks get less than 20 miles per gallon, with an average of 15 MPG. If you drive 20,000 miles a year, divide it by 15 MPG and you’ll end up with 1,333 gallons per year. Gas prices nowadays play around $3 to $4, which means you will spend up to $5000 of gas annually.

Stop and take a deep breath before you decide on replacing your truck with a lower hybrid. There are practical steps you can observe to maximize your truck’s fuel efficiency.

  • Remember to have a regular maintenance schedule. Just having simple regular maintenance procedures such as change oil, filters and spark plugs can improve your truck’s fuel economy as well as lengthen its life in the long run.
  • Make sure to use synthetic oil. Synthetic oil lubricates several properties which allow your truck engine do its work better with less friction and wear.
  • Always maintain proper tire pressure. Tires affect gas mileage up to 10%. Having the correct tires with the right tire pressure optimizes fuel efficiency and reduces wear and tear.
  • Use a truck cap as much as possible. It prevents air from swirling behind the cab and the bed that leads to drag and limits fuel efficiency. Depending on the speed, heavy duty truck accessories such as tonneau covers lower aerodynamic drag by up to 4.2-7.8%.
  • Aim to use the throttle and brake as smoothly as you can. Avoid quick stops and accelerating to avoid wasting fuel.

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