How Can I Prevent Truck Theft?
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Car theft is an unfortunate incident that is sometimes unavoidable to those who are unprepared. Installing heavy duty truck accessories that can keep your valuables safe is a wise investment. Even simple habits can keep those unwanted thieves off your truck. Here are steps you can do brought to you by Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas:

Get a lockbox

Try not to leave any valuables inside your truck. Any valuables especially those put in areas that are highly visible can attract robbers like flies to a garbage can. For instances that you need to leave items inside, it’s a good idea to invest in a secure storage in your truck. A good product brand is Tuffy Security that you can get at Longhorn.

Keep your keys safe

Never leave your keys whenever you park and refuel your truck. Aside from the probability that you can get locked out, this foolish act can give thieves an opportunity to get inside and just drive off. Robbers tend to look for spare keys in the glove box or above a wheel; therefore it is safer to put your spare set in your home or with a trusted family member or friend. Also, never leave your doors unlocked.

Look into having an anti-theft system for your truck

The simplest item you can get to secure your truck is having a steering wheel lock. Most robbers are automatically repelled by the sight of this. A simple electronic solution is getting a passive alarm installed that activates as soon as you take the keys out of your truck’s ignition. If you are looking for something more high-tech, you can look into an engine immobilizer or tracking system. An engine immobilizer prevents your truck from revving up without a key. A tracking system on the other hand helps the cops to locate your car once it is stolen.

Consider getting truck parts etched

When a car theft indeed has happened, it will be easier for the cops to identify a stolen car when its vehicle identification number is etched into different parts of the truck.

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