How The Dee Zee Headache Rack Can Benefit Your Truck
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Have you ever been in a situation wherein you have to take items out of your truck bed because you don’t want any cargo to damage your truck or window? Or maybe you have found yourself making that costly extra trip just to avoid it? For these instances, Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas suggests getting a headache rack. Headache racks are simple but are very important heavy duty truck accessories that enable truck owners to safely carry more cargo with less worry and hassle.

Aside from securing cargo, headache racks can also improve safety with the help of truck racks. Every driver knows that auto accidents and collisions are unavoidable. What will happen to your cargo in the back if you have to abruptly stop?  This is a potentially dangerous situation especially if you are carrying long and heavy items. The cargo might crash towards the rear window of the truck, breaking through the glass and possibly can be life threatening the passengers. Headache racks such as Dee Zee can serve as a barrier between you and the cargo.

Once you have decided that having a headache rack will be a perfect choice for you, the next thing to consider is how you can select the right cab rack. Headache Racks are installed between the truck cabin and the cargo area. Dee Zee’s aluminium cab racks are made from louvered or ultra mesh interior expanse that helps defend against dangerous shifting cargo. The aluminium styles also come with an optional rear rack to give you truck ladder rack options. Dee Zee’s steel models are also designed to help keep out harmful direct UV from heating the cab since the texture powder coated steel is UV resistant. It also includes a specially formulated NRT powder coating to increase corrosion resistance. You can also avail of the mounting brackets which are sold separately. They can help you custom fit it to your specific make and model with your preference of white or black colour finish. Headache racks provide increased protection and new anchor points to tie down loose cargo once they are securely anchored to the truck’s stake pocket holes.

So what are you waiting for? Just call Longhorn Truck Accessories to have your Dee Zee headache rack installed now!

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