How To Safely Drive Your Truck In Ice And Snow
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Driving a truck in snow and other icy conditions is not an easy feat. Not only is driving in snow difficult, one wrong driving move and you’ll find yourself cascading the whole truck through the slippery road that can end up in an auto accident. Now that winter is near, it is time to ask yourself if you are prepared to drive in the snow and ice. The Federal Highway Administration reports that there are roughly 200,000 crashes annually which are due to icy conditions. Knowing how to drive in this kind of situation is important for anyone’s road safety this coming winter. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas wants everyone to be safe, so here’s how you can safely maneuver your truck through snow and ice.

Make sure your truck is maintained

As a general rule, keeping your truck in tip-top shape is very important. Make sure to have your battery, tires, windshield wipers checked and in good condition. It is also a good idea to check their anti-freeze levels.

Slow down on driving

If you are driving in snow and ice, you should always drive slower than usual while keeping your distance with other vehicles. Having a safe distance between you and the other driver is important since a vehicle will need longer stopping distance in slick surfaces. As for the breaks, apply continuous pressure if you have an anti-lock braking system that most vehicles have nowadays. Pump on the brakes intermittently if you have none.

Avoid panicking

Try to calm down if you find your truck skidding on ice. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you must let up on the gas and try to steer your truck in the direction you wish to go. Never hit the gas or brakes if you have not yet regained control of your truck.

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