Importance of Properly Loading a Truck Bed
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A simple truck is now able to move heavy cargo worldwide all thanks to the current engineering developments. Loaded trucks are now sent on different countries with no consideration of its vehicle weight classification, load arrangement and even operation safety. Weight vehicle classification is important and must be taken into consideration before any movement is done.

The total payload is described in the vehicle weight classification rating and summarizes the amount of cargo weight a truck can carry. This is important especially when a person is planning to install any heavy duty truck accessories into it or fitting it with a trailer, camper or watercraft. The minimum safety requirement for trailer, camper or large watercraft towing is a weight classification rating of at least three quarter of a ton.

Trucks with higher weight classification ratings should have a heavier suspension system which is better when it comes to towing and hauling. Even if a half-ton truck appears to be like that of a one-ton truck, it is never safe to assume that they will have a same suspension system. The addition of an adjustable air suspension kit can increase operation safety, improve fuel efficiency and handling, enhance break effectiveness and increase safe load capacity. Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories brings to San Antonio Air Lift’s best air bag suspension kit with or without an on-board air compressor system. This is equipped with all the hardware, brackets, valves and air lines needed for fast installation.  

Correctly loading cargo and items in the bed of a truck can greatly affect its handling characteristics and also the truck’s ability to carry the heavy load without damaging its body, drive train or suspension components. Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories is open for any inquiries you may have when you’re planning to use your truck for heavy cargo hauling. Aside from Air Lift, we also partnered with other world-class heavy duty truck accessories suppliers to give San Antonio the best service and equip our customers with only the most durable and high quality products in the market today.

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