Increase Your Truck’s Storage Space With A Trailer Hitch Basket
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If your truck bed’s always full of sports gear, you probably are thinking of new ways to be able to accommodate more. Especially for those who use their trucks for family outings, your truck is maybe loaded with almost everything. Having a trailer hitch cargo basket is a great way to get that much needed space. Let Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas explain the benefits of having a trailer hitch cargo basket attached to your truck.

A trailer hitch cargo basket is a great way to have extra space without the maximum effort. If you have never considered a hitch cargo carrier, here are some benefits that might change your mind. The trailer hitch has high walls that can contain your cargo within its unit. Cargo hitch can help avoid your items from flying out the window while travelling on speedy highways. It has lightweight side walls that are detachable. These side walls can be removed so you can neatly store it away in the garage until the next time you need them. It can fit 2” receivers so you can quickly mount and release it with a standard hitch pin. What’s more, it can carry and hold up cargo up to 500 lbs.. having a cargo hitch basket is a perfect choice for those who need heavy duty truck accessories for their jobs and tasks.

When using a trailer hitch cargo basket, make sure to always secure your cargo and tie them down with straps or bungees before travelling. To further protect the smaller items you have, you can get Dee Zee’s canvas cargo bag which are also available at Longhorn Truck Accessories San Antonio Texas. Dee Zee’s cargo bags let you zip up your contents safely and the integrated buckled straps can be strapped easily to the basket.

If you want to know more about trailer hitch cargo baskets and other heavy duty truck accessories, just head on out to Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio. We offer a variety of truck accessory brands that can make your truck into the vehicle that have always wanted.

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