Installing A ToolBox On Your Truck
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Are you using your truck for work purposes? Do you have your tools in hand and need it most of the time? Having a toolbox installed in your truck bed is a great organization option so you can always have your trusty tools nearby. A toolbox is also a great way to add value to any truck since it’s a useful storage idea that can save you space and help you keep loads of stuff in a small space while on the go.

When you purchase a new toolbox, you will need to mount it in your truck. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas will detail just how to do it D-I-Y style:

  1. Make sure to measure the tool box and the truck bed to ensure that everything will fit nicely. Put an adhesive protective tape on the rails where the toolbox will be installed.
  2. Put the tool box on the bed. Make sure to pen the lid so you can make sure that it can open freely. Make marks that are aligned on both the toolbox and bed, these marks will serve as your guide for drilling. Depending on the design of the tool box you chose, holes may have to be drilled into the rails of the truck.
  3. Securely place and lock the bolts through the drills that you made using lock washers and nuts.

If you want to have a professional install the toolbox for you, look no further. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas can do the job for you. You will find out that we are the best choice and have the best value for your budget. With our combined 15 years of professional installation experience, we are committed in equipping all of our customers with the most durable, high quality and professionally installed products in the market. Our technicians work to get your vehicle back on the road so that you can get back to your routine.  Safety is vital when installing accessories, so you will appreciate Longhorns 10 point safety check before we give you back the keys.

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