Introduction to Cleaning Your Truck
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Taking the time to clean your truck is an investment when it comes to its health and beauty. Washing, waxing, polishing and buffing can all work its magic so other people can admire your vehicle as much as you do. Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories offers its San Antonio clients Mothers® polishes, waxes and cleaners to keep their vehicle looking its best. Whether you plan to do detailing, installing heavy duty truck accessories or just looking to give your truck a quick polish, Longhorn and Mothers® encourages you to find the right tool for each project.

What is the best approach with cleaning my truck?

First step to do a quick evaluation of the condition of your truck. Be sure to consider the tires, wheels, pain, trim and interior which include the headliner, carpet, upholstery and gauges. From that point you can pinpoint the materials and tools you will need, as well as the amount of time needed to finish it. Another point to consider is picking a good location on where to do the detailing. It is advisable to do it in an open shade. Be sure you have provisions for water and power for the buffer and vacuum.

After you have finished assessing just what your truck needs, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with all the work that needs to be done. A good approach is to break down jobs into smaller tasks. A good tip is to do any scratch repair or spot removal first before polishing and waxing. Here is a recommended schedule you can follow:

Wash – Weekly

Intensive Detailing of Jambs, under-hood, emblems, etc – Monthly

Pre-wax cleaner/polish pain – bi-annual

Sealer/glaze paint – Every 8-12 weeks

Wax paint – Every 8-12 weeks

Trim – Weekly

Apply corrective preservative, protectant, clean cracks – monthly

Wheels – bi-weekly

Bead to hub, polish wheel and lugs – every 2-3 months

Tires – monthly

Full dress, scrub bead to tread – monthly

Clean glass – weekly

Polish, clean along seals – monthly

Vacuum interior – weekly

Clean stains, vacuum trunk – monthly

Condition leather – monthly

Thoroughly clean leather surface and recondition – every 2-3 months

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