Keeping Your Truck Organized PART 1
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Keeping your vehicle organized is very important regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving. Some vehicle models may not lend itself too well when it comes to organizing space. Trucks can carry a lot of items but can be tricky when it comes to organizing them. Nevertheless, it is still possible to keep your car tidy with a solid strategy and the right equipment.

Use under-seat organizers

A little extra storage space is always a good thing no matter the size of a vehicle. It is best to utilize every space available, and an under-seat is no exemption. An under-seat organizer is an amazing way to keep extra items that is not immediately needed every day but you would still want to keep inside your vehicle.

Get a tailgate enclosure

If you are often ending up shoving boxes, suitcases and other items in an attempt to make them fit in the truck bed or the trunk, then a tailgate enclosure could be a good option. It can also be hard to find items you need later when there are lot of stuff at the back. A tailgate enclosure will give you extra storage space and weight-bearing lid which will give you an opportunity to neatly stack your things for easy access later. 

Organize the consoleTry not to carelessly toss items into your center console because you will just end up digging through them later. Go through the console and throw out anything that you no longer need. This is the first step to properly organizing. Buy a console organizer that will assist you in keeping all of your personal belongings tidy and easily accessible. There are a lot of products in the market today that have locks for added security. If your truck or car does not have a center console, you can easily purchase one and just install the console yourself.

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