Keeping Your Truck Organized PART 2
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Those living in San Antonio can head out to Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories for heavy duty truck accessories and other auto equipment which can assist in organizing your truck. We can transform your truck and make it into the truck that you’ve always wanted. Here is the second part of how keep your vehicle well organized brought to you by Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories.

Clean the back seat

A messy vehicle is not something new especially if you have toddlers, kids or have other passengers in the back seat a lot of times. A back seat organizer can give you a place for all the extra stuff brought by this situation. Some organizers can be easily inserted into cup holders can give you an instant extra space for all those small items that are just lying around your vehicle.

Upgrade the glove box

The glove box is usually where we tend to place the most important items and documents of our car, even though the name suggests otherwise. It is important to keep the glove box not only organized but also well secured since we keep insurance information and other personal items there. A good option is to replace the flimsy factory default compartment with a better and upgraded version to up the safety and security.

Sort the truck bed

The rattling sound of items around the bed is not unknown to those who are driving trucks. There are a few things you can use for proper truck bed storage. Investing in a good truck bed box can be a good thing. A truck bed box can easily be installed right behind the cab of the truck to help keep your important items under lock and key without taking up valuable space inside the truck. For your tools and other items you need to access, consider availing a truck bed slide. This tray system can keep everything well-organized, but can also slide out of the bed of your truck for easy access. This can also prevent you from having to crawl into the truck to get your stuff.

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