Lift Kits or Leveling Kits: What Should I Choose For My Truck?
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If you are a truck owner, you may have considered lifting it as customization. You may have heard of lift kits and leveling kits in the process, but how exactly are they different?

The fastest way to differentiate the two is by how they raise your truck. A new truck typically has a rear that is a few inch higher than the front end. A leveling kit levels the front of your trucks so it matches the stock height of the back, usually with a maximum lift of 2 inches. Lift kits will lift your truck higher but needs more time and effort in installing since it is considered a new suspension system. Both heavy duty truck accessories allow you to drive and tow your truck. The question now is which one should you choose?

Leveling your truck gives you the option to get higher tires. Though most trucks naturally have lots of rear clearance, there is a tendency for the front wheels to hit the inside of the fender or bumper. It will make navigating and turning a challenge. Leveling kits resolves this issue. Another advantage is a leveling kit helps to bring the front end back up to its proper height when you add a heavy weight at the front. A leveling kit can give a much more smoother and comfortable ride. It is also a lot cheaper and easier to install as compared to a lift kit.

If your truck was built with low-to-the-ground features that make them more car-like, then a lift kit would be more beneficial. Your truck may need more maintenance and repair due to the rock or debris which can damage bumpers, exhaust and running boards. A lift kit can avoid all these. If you are interested in off-road driving, then lift kits are the way to go. It will provide better ground clearance and more suspension which can give you an easier time when driving through mud, rocks or deep snow.

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