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Since 1997, BAK Industries has been producing the world’s number 1 selling bed rail caps and tailgate caps. The popularity of our range of ProCaps ABS redcaps and tailgate caps stems from their incredible accuracy and fit. Every bed rail cap that is made is produced to absolute precision and then trimmed not by hand, but rather by CNC robots to ensure absolute reliability and predictability when it comes to a perfect contoured fit. Because BAK bed rail protectors are so often sold with our tonneau covers, the necessity for them to be as accurately as possible is critical. That’s because the fit of BAK redcaps is directly related to the way their tonneau covers will fit. BAK Industries takes huge pride in the way they range of ProCaps are made, trimmed and even packaged. It is made in their own factory in San Fernando, California. Each unit is inspected for perfection prior to distribution. Every set of ProCaps is UV protected and made from high end impact resistant ABS plastic. They use more 3M tape under the caps than any other brand too, to ensure that they never vibrate loose from the truck rails and remain solid at all times. If you’re in the market for the best bed rail protection and tailgate caps that money can buy, then look no further than BAK ProCaps. They’re as good as it gets! If you are in the San Antonio Texas area, you can just go to Longhorn Truck Accessories to get your very own BAK ProCaps.

ProCaps are the world’s most accurate fitting bed rail caps and tailgate caps. They are made from a high impact resistant ABS plastic and UV protected. ProCaps match your door handles and side view mirrors and are custom contoured to fit the precise lines of your pickup truck rails. Known for their incredible accuracy and fit, ProCaps offer a stylish alternative to factory bed rail caps while providing the same quality you would expect from OEM. Rugged and durable with a custom contour, ProCaps protect your painted rails and provide a better fit for other accessories.

Here are just some of its features:

Contoured precision molding

ProCaps are designed to follow every contour of your truck bed rails, both inside and out for an absolutely perfect skin-tight fit. This promotes a better fit of other accessories such as tonneau covers when the two products are used hand in hand.

More 3M Adhesive

ProCaps have more 3M tape than any other brand of bed protection. We also use thicker tape than any other brand to ensure that our caps never fly off the truck and perform better than any other brand over the long haul.

Superior accuracy

ProCaps are trimmed by CNC robotic routers to ensure that every stake pocket hole is exact and that the fit is precise. No other brand of bed rail caps is more accurate than precision trimmed ProCaps.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas to get your BAK ProCaps!

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