Longhorn Truck Accessories Recommends: Bushwacker Flat Style Flares
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Trucks that feature flat fenders can really stand out from the crowd. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, flat fenders can also provide excellent coverage from road debris and they can open up the wheel well for articulation. For those who have decided to go with Bushwacker flat style flares with their trucks were not disappointed. Aside from adding a great over-all look to the truck, it had also protected the truck’s body, provided ample room for special truck tires and even added an additional 6” in tire coverage.

Installing your own Bushwacker flat style flares is fairly easy. Bushwacker and Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas gives you an in depth guide which breaks down the installation process in easy steps. You might be pleasantly surprised that the most technical aspect of the job is connecting marker lights. Since Bushwacker flat flares doesn’t require drilling or cutting, you can find all the needed tools in any basic toolkit. As an alternative, Longhorn Truck Accessories also offers installation if you are looking to have your flat fenders installed quickly and efficiently.

The Bushwacker’s award-winning flat style flares give an innovative combination of aggressive, street-legal style with trail-worthy design that is tough even for the most hardcore off roader. When used on concrete road, it can still give a unique tube-style design that gives any truck that modern-yet-rugged look. It has OEM matte black finish that has 100% UV protection that prevents fading. The flat style flares are meant to last. It is secured to the truck using a body side molding and an innovative mold/clip system that firmly fastens each flare into the truck. The Bushwacker Flat Style Flares are made with exclusive Dura-Flex® TPO 2000. This is an incredibly durable material that bends without breaking. It retains its original shape, preventing body damage.

Bushwacker and Longhorn Truck Accessories has gotten a lot of good feedbacks on how the flat flares maintained their shape even after an auto collision. If you are in San Antonio, do not hesitate contact Longhorn Truck Accessories to get your own Bushwacker flat style flares for your truck.

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