Longhorn Truck Accessories Recommends: Bushwacker Hood Scoop
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Have you heard of hood scoop? Truck owners who are unfamiliar with a hood scoop or for those who think they are just there for aesthetic reasons, read on. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas explains why a getting a hood scoop may be a perfect choice for your truck.

For those who use their truck’s A/C as sparingly as possible and want to have the best fuel economy, the hood scoop’s simple design can do wonders for your truck. Hood scoops, especially that of Bushwacker’s, direct airflow in to the cabin. This simple process helps cool things down faster. Hood scoop also do not require power from the engine unlike that of the A/C.

Older hood scoop designs were not made to optimize circulation, as seen on the Wrangler Jeep. For jeep owners, they may have noticed that instead of circulating air, it had only attracted more mud and debris in the air. One of the big issues for Tahoe owners were the hood scoop vents almost always smelled like dirt.  The vehicle’s cover in mud also wasn’t able to help eliminate the smell. Bushwacker has taken these issues into consideration and came up with BRC-12 or ’12 JK hood scoop styles. These hood scoop models are designed to keep mud, dirt and debris free and clear of the intake.

If you are in the San Antonio area or surrounding counties, you may head to Longhorn Truck Accessories to avail and have it installed. If you opt to do it on your own, make sure to clean the intake surface area first. After that, you can do a test fit, mark it with a grease pencil, peel the 3M tape and simply attach the hood scoop to the hood.

You can opt to have the Bushwacker hood scoop facing forward or rear. Typically, hood scoops are installed facing forward, but for those trucks that are always on the mud may choose to have it turned around. It may limit the airflow but it can definitely increase the coverage over your vent system.

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