Longhorn Truck Accessories Recommends: DashMat Dashboard Cover
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The interior of your truck also takes great beating as years pass. In fact, the dashboard is considered as the most exposed interior section since it is constantly exposed the sun’s harmful rays. Over time, it will fade, stain and eventually crack if left unprotected.

Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas suggests protecting your dashboard with DashMat dashboard covers. Dashmat helps in preserving your truck’s dashboard by:

Protecting your truck’s dashboard

Dashmat dashboard cover is built primarily to protect your dashboard from the sun. All Dashmat covers were tested to make sure that it can withstand even the most scorching Arizona desert weather. Dashmat also ensures that all of its products can provide your truck’s interior for many years to come.

Increasing your truck’s retail value

If you plan to sell your truck, making sure that the interior is in a good condition’s a must. Having a truck that is close to its brand-new look can allow you to sell it in a higher price. Dashmat dashboard covers give you the protection you need to do just that.

Improving the driving condition

Gases leaking from your truck’s dashboard causes windshield hazing. Having a dashboard cover prevents this.

Increasing aesthetic appeal

Dashmat covers can be customized using different styles, fabrics  and colors to give your truck a boost in interior elegance.

Covering any dashboard crack

You can use Dashmat dashboard cover to hide those already existing cracks in your dashboard without spending tons of dollars for repair.

Other benefits include:

  • DashMat dashboard covers won’t fray or unravel
  • DashMat dashboard covers are custom made to fit each dashboard
  • DashMat dashboard covers are made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle punch carpet

Join the 1,750,000 and more people like you who have chosen to protect their truck’s dashboard from the damaging rays of the sun with a DashMat. Get your DashMat today! You can go to Longhorn Truck Accessories to avail of Dashmat dashboard cover and other heavy duty truck accessories. If you are in San Antonio area, do not hesitate to contact us at (210) 682 2220 now!

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