Longhorn Truck Accessories Recommends: Royal Purple’s Max-Atomizer Fuel Injector Cleaner
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Here is another offering from Longhorn Truck Accessories to make your truck perform at its best. We bring you Royal Purple’s Max Atomizer ™ fuel injector cleaner!


Royal Purple’s Max-Atomizer fuel injector cleaner is fully-synthetic, highly concentrated and high performance. The Max-Atomizer is specially formulated to help solve problems when it comes to today’s direct injection engines, but this product can also be used with any type of fuel injection. Royal Purple’s Max-Atomizer fuel injector cleaner is made from highly concentrated polyether amine (PEA) detergents. This material quickly cleans clogged and coked injectors; therefore restoring 100% of your truck’s injector flow. This fuel injector cleaner boosts injector spray patterns and improves fuel atomization as it enters the combustion chamber. All of these results to a truck’s improved fuel economy, enhanced power and performance, reduced emissions, smoother idle, and quicker / easier starts. Who doesn’t want that? Royal Purple’s Max-Atomizer fuel injector cleaner is the only fuel injector cleaner in the market today that can also stabilizes ethanol to chemically break down harmful causes to your truck’s engine.

By using Royal Purple’s Max-Atomizer fuel injector cleaner, you can get these truck performance advantages:

  • The Max-Atomizer helps improve your truck’s fuel economy
  • This product is proven to stabilize ethanol preventing chemical break down in your truck’s engine.
  • The Max-Atomizer fuel injector cleaner can also boost your truck’s horsepower.
  • It improves your truck’s responsiveness
  • This product can be used for both gasoline and diesel engines
  • Royal Purples’ Max Atomizer is recommended for all ethanol blends
  • This fuel injector cleaner is tested not to harm any vehicle emissions equipment
  • It is EPA / CARB Compliant

It is to pour entire contents of the Max-Atomizer fuel injector cleaner bottle into a nearly empty fuel tank. The minimum recommended dose is one (1) 6oz. bottle to 20 gallons of fuel. The maximum effective dose is (1) 6oz. bottle to 10 gallons of fuel. Royal Purple recommends using this product every 3,000 miles.

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