Longhorn Truck Accessories Recommends: Tuffy Security Products
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Studies show that car burglary incidents happen every 23.7 seconds. There is a $818 loss incurred for every break-in if counted on an average. Are you sure your hard earned valuables inside your truck are well protected from thieves?

Longhorn Truck Accessories carries a variety of heavy duty truck accessories that can help you secure your valuables. One product brand you can get at Longhorn is Tuffy Security. All Tuffy products undergo rigorous testing to ensure you get maximum protection. Aggressive break-in attempts, worldwide expeditions, competition rock crawling, local safaris and theft ridden shopping malls are just some of the tests included which helps strengthen all of the Tuffy products. Tuffy has long been trusted by the industry as well as commercial trades, military and law enforcement. They use patented Pry-Guard II locking system using only the best welded steel and aluminium combines with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

You can drop by at Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas to know more about Tuffy products and applications. Tuffy carries different products for a lot of vehicle models such as jeeps, trucks, SUVs and other commercial vehicles. Here are just some of the products you can look into when you are looking for truck bed security:

Custom Security Lockbox

This custom high security 16 gauge steel lock box gives gear storage and theft protection for police and law enforcement vehicles, fire and rescue vehicles as well as other custom applications. This can be customized to your truck’s size and mounting requirements with lock systems of your choice.

Rear Cargo Aluminum Storage Box

This product is a lightweight storage solution with a unique hinge design that allows the box to be flush mounted without affecting any hinge operation. It has a patented anti-twist push button lock system with a 10 tumbler double bitted security key containing built in weather seals.

Toyota Tacoma Bed Security Lock Box

This security box can replace the factory storage unit in a Toyota Tacoma truck bed. With its innovative design, this has 710 cubic inches of lockable storage which is over double of the original.

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