Make Sure Your Truck has a Proper Windshield Wiper
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The windshield wiper is such a tiny part of a large vehicle such as a truck that drivers like you may probably forget that it exists. That is, at least while the weather is dry and sunny! You will certainly be reminded of its presence, or in some case cases by its absence, when rain or snow starts falling from the sky.

A windshield wiper is a motor-driven device which wipes away rain and snow from the windshield of a vehicle. It commonly has a rubber blade on an arm that moves back and forth in an arc. It is essential that every truck has a properly functioning windshield wiper installed in it to ensure driver visibility whenever it rains or snows.

Do you need to replace an old or malfunctioning wiper blade in your truck? Or do you simply want a superior wiper blade for your vehicle? You can purchase blades from Pylon, one of Longhorn Truck Accessories’ suppliers. It offers the Michelin Stealth Hybrid Wiper Blade, which has an advanced hybrid design. This special blade offers the best of both worlds – it has the aerodynamic design and the anti-snow build-up properties of a beam blade, but it is also spring loaded and has great windshield contact just like a traditional blade. That’s why it has a superior performance, not just during rainy season, but during snowy season as well.

Whether you need windshield wiper blades or other heavy duty truck accessories, Longhorn Truck Accessories is your source for products that enhance the functionality of your truck, particularly if you reside in San Antonio, Atascosa County or other surrounding areas. A wide range of truck accessories is available from Longhorn. Just in case you cannot find the specific product you are looking for among the products that Longhorn currently offers, give us a call at 1 (210) 682-2220 and we can help you look for it.

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