Money Saving Tips for Your Truck’s Next Road Trip (PART 1)
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Trucks are perfect vehicles for road trip with the whole family out of town. Some people prefer driving their trucks to destinations with an open road, but there are also some people who choose driving as a more inexpensive means to travel as compared to airplanes. Saving money on gas is something that we all want to achieve, regardless of the vehicle we carry. Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories in San Antonio has listed down a few pointers on how to reach that destination with as inexpensive as possible.

Extra care goes a long way

Maximizing each gallon of gas to get extra miles is one of the best ways we can save money while on the road. To do that, just putting extra care when it comes to your driving style can do the trick. Stomping on either the accelerator or the brakes – except for emergency purposes – can lower your truck’s fuel efficiency. When you see a red light or a traffic build up ahead, avoid speeding towards it and slamming the breaks to screech to a halt suddenly. Do the coast in a gentlest manner you can muster.

Cruise slowly

Trucks can be efficient when it is cruising only between 40-60 miles per hour. This number may not be applicable for most major highways, so you can forgo this tip. It is important to remember though that the faster your truck goes, the more gas you are using. Driving at 90 miles per hours is not only unsafe but can potentially land you a speeding ticket.

Double check your tires

Checking your tires regularly will do you a lot of good. A properly inflated tire is crucial. If you let your tires get too soft, it will result to a greater rolling resistance which will make your engine work harder to get your truck moving. An overinflated tire on the other hand can dangerously blowout unexpectedly.

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