Money Saving Tips for Your Truck’s Next Road Trip (PART 2)
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Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories in San Antonio aims to provide you with heavy duty truck accessories that puts the best value for your budget. To further help you save more on your next road trip, here are some additional tips:

Do the draft

Drafting is a classic NASCAR trick that professional racers do to cut down the wind resistance and make their cars go faster but efficient. You can adapt this on the road by driving at a safe distance behind a vehicle.

Let GPS help you

Plug into a GPS to avoid getting lost. You can choose the shortest possible route and you can lessen stopping at the pump as often. As much as possible, make sure to stick to major roads and highways to avoid the smaller town’s stop-and-go traffic system.

Time your trip accordingly

We have no control with the erratic gas prices, but surely there is a pattern you can observe over time. A good tip is that gas prices tend to rise on weekends and during the holidays. As much as possible, plan your road trip around these days.

Look for deals

Looking for deals to make your truck fuel efficient is easy enough if you know where to look.  A bit of research goes a long way. Looking for deals in hotel accommodations in the internet or discounted gas coupon can pay off in dividends. You can also download numerous phone apps that will enable you to check on prices of nearby gas stations.

Secure your belongings properly

The safety of your valuables in your truck while on a road trip is quite important. You can lose substantial amount of money if you won’t put extra protection to your valuable belongings. When using a roof cargo container, make sure it is locked securely at all times. Valuable items such as important paper works, electronics, cash or firearms should be inside a portable safe. Look for a safe that is heavy duty and with a cord that can be anchored to your truck. This will ensure that it can’t be removed by a thief.

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