Picking the right truck accessories shop Part 1
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In San Antonio there are lots of truck accessories shops to choose from. Knowing which after market accessories retailer to trust your vehicle to can be tricky. You don’t want to make a mistake that ruins the value of your truck. You also want to choose a shop that does quality work with products that will look good and last as long as your vehicle. To help you make the right choice Longhorn Truck Accessories has put together a list of 3 factors to consider when choosing a shop.  We will explain the role price, selection and services play when picking the right shop. Each week we will cover a topic and explain why you can’t choose a shop based on one factor alone.

The first thing most people look at when shopping for truck accessories is price. This is a natural thing to look for in this day and age of trying to find the best deal. However, shopping by price can be tricky. When looking at a low cost item compared to a seemingly similar higher cost item, be sure to compare the quality of the products you are comparing. Sometimes your low price item may not be as durable or made from as nice a material as your value brand. You may also find that a low price item may require additional hardware that is only offered at an additional charge. Shops that split these cost tend to nickel and dime the price up to more than you expect to pay. Worse, one of the items may have a tricky mounting or installation process that requires more work than you anticipate.

At Longhorn Truck Accessories we carry value brands as well as premium brands and always explain the difference to you before you make a purchase. In most cases our profit margins are very similar on each product so we give you the best recommendation for your truck. The key is knowing what you are getting in to before you begin making modifications to your truck. We also offer discounted installation services with everything we sell so you remove an unwanted headache if you just prefer to save a day of your life and have us take care of it for you.

San Antonio’s number one choice for truck accessories and lift kits is Longhorn Truck Accessories.  We always provide great value and workman ship at a low price. We have been serving San Antonio truck owners since 1999 and look forward to serving you.

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